Episode 5 is here!

2010-04-05 15:10:24 by Crendor

So after almost a year, it's finally here! Episode 5 is out, and it feels pretty good to get it done. I make a lot of Machinima currently, so if you enjoy my work, check out my website which should be on this page, or look up wowcrendor on the you of tubes.


2009-11-08 22:34:09 by Crendor

For realz. I have half the episode done and it should be good to go by Wed. at the latest, although I'm really bad at estimating time and deadlines if you couldn't tell. Let's just say it will be out when it's out. BUT IT REALLY IS HALF WAY DONE!

I'm back!

2009-09-30 14:02:49 by Crendor

Sup everyone. So... yeah I kind of just left Stranded Gamers randomly due to life, school, and other media production, but I'm gonna be coming back. I took a break to try building my fanbase with WoW vids which have been pretty popular. You can just search youtube for "wowcrendor" if you want to see them.

I'm going to be either remaking the first two/three Stranded Gamers or just working on episode 5 (most likely episode 5) and it should be out sometime in October *for real this time :D

Not gonna lie

2009-07-08 00:06:37 by Crendor

I got lazy again and didn't do it. I have the script, the intro, and everything, just been busy with life. I am gonna force myself to now work on this episode before it gets to be a year since my previous episode.

If you haven't yet, check out my youtube channel "wowcrendor" for my WoW youtube vids!

New Plan

2009-05-29 16:38:28 by Crendor

I am working on Episode 5 finally.


2009-05-18 20:12:40 by Crendor

So I got lazy again, but I'm making a new one soon! I am 87.5% sure.

Waddup G's

2009-04-24 23:02:34 by Crendor

Well, I have been busy lately, but I will get back to Stranded Gamers soon. I plan on doing ep: 5 in a week or so.

Stranded Gamers Ep: 4

2009-03-20 23:14:13 by Crendor

Stranded Gamers Episode 4 is now out! Go check it out with it's smoother graphics and awesome...ness

Sup my peeps

2009-03-14 03:40:27 by Crendor

I'm currently working on smoother graphics for Stranded Gamers. Stay tuned for Episode 4!