I'm back!

2009-09-30 14:02:49 by Crendor

Sup everyone. So... yeah I kind of just left Stranded Gamers randomly due to life, school, and other media production, but I'm gonna be coming back. I took a break to try building my fanbase with WoW vids which have been pretty popular. You can just search youtube for "wowcrendor" if you want to see them.

I'm going to be either remaking the first two/three Stranded Gamers or just working on episode 5 (most likely episode 5) and it should be out sometime in October *for real this time :D


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2009-10-03 00:52:36

Hi one of your fans the series is funny. Hope you return.


2009-10-07 13:07:33

Excellent ! I eagerly await Episode 5, I have been fighting off withdrawl symptoms since you made us all go cold turkey.


2009-10-28 13:03:49

Scratch Tuesday. Ended up getting sick. Will be working on it this weekend though. PROMISE


2009-11-02 07:38:23

Damn it's too quiet, hope you are ok !


2009-11-02 17:54:35

I am, just got over my cold. At least it wasn't teh swinez flu


2009-11-03 14:58:28

yeah sure i really do belive its comin out october


2009-11-06 02:09:08

Time goes by wayyyyy too fast