Not gonna lie

2009-07-08 00:06:37 by Crendor

I got lazy again and didn't do it. I have the script, the intro, and everything, just been busy with life. I am gonna force myself to now work on this episode before it gets to be a year since my previous episode.

If you haven't yet, check out my youtube channel "wowcrendor" for my WoW youtube vids!


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2009-07-22 18:02:07

I am guessing Lethion / cupcake will have a series of errands, ah, I mean "quests" to assign to our heroes - like the herculean labours, but more lulzy.

Crendor responds:

Close, but not quite :P


2009-08-19 18:12:53

Still waiting! I was reminded cuz one of my friends quoted one of your movies today. I've got a couple friends who really liked the series, but they're too lazy to sign up on newgrounds. So we're waiting the much anticipated episode 5