Entry #9

Episode 5 is here!

2010-04-05 15:10:24 by Crendor

So after almost a year, it's finally here! Episode 5 is out, and it feels pretty good to get it done. I make a lot of Machinima currently, so if you enjoy my work, check out my website which should be on this page, or look up wowcrendor on the you of tubes.


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2010-04-17 13:12:24

Bill is my favourite character, never fails to make me laugh.

I'm hoping we get to see more of the island's native tribespeople again. Just a suggestion, but I think the series could use

(1). Some female characters

(2). An Arch Nemesis / Super Villain type guy

Anyway, thanks for finishing 5, and I hope you make a whole lot more !


2011-04-10 18:02:05

You can't have female characters in an animation about gaming.